What Can You See In Milan?

I got off the train from Vicenza to Milan to meet up with my Italian friend that I met in Seychelles. It was good to see him and his girlfriend. They were back together (they broke up later). My friend kept telling me, ‘there is nothing to see in Milan other than Duomo.’ So, we went to Duomo today.

Beautiful Duomo. The design was so intricate. And look at the crowds!!
‘All these are expensive stuff. We don’t buy them.’ My Italian friend said.
A beautiful place for all the luxurious brands
We went inside Duomo. Every time my Italian friend saw a church, he’d draw a cross. I thought he was a devoted Roman Catholic but years later, when I asked him about Mass, he told me he didn’t go to Mass.

After visiting the place, my friend took me to have a Milano style happy hour – free food as long as you purchased drinks. We were joined by his sister and her friends. My friend thought it was my first time to try Milano style happy hour. And then he took me to eat gelato. Oh, that was the best! The gelato was so good!

I was so tired after the walking even though I was very excited to see him again. The bad thing was the hostel was really dirty. The floor was as dirty as the metro stations. Can you believe it? The staff there was also unhappy and they kept complaining to us. It wasn’t a happy hostel.

Milan at night

I met up with my Italian friend and his girlfriend again the next day. I felt sorry that they had to walk with me for so long. We went to Castello (castle) from Duomo, the park behind the castle, Arc of Peace, China Town (one street only), Cimitero Monumentale (the cemetery where many famous Italians were buried), and Giordini Indro Montanelli (a park) and we visited the museum in that park. Somehow, the museum staff distributed tickets to us and all the other people waiting outside the museum for free. So I said to my friend, ‘we should visit it.’ We had dinner at an Italian restaurant with his girlfriend’s friend. She was learning Mandarin so she wanted to practice it with me. All the tickets to Last Supper was sold out. It’s ok. It gave me an excuse to go back to Italy again. 🙂

Here are some highlights of the day:

Streets in Milan
I remember you Garibaldi. My Italian friend was surprised that I knew him and could even say that he unified Italy. Then I told him I needed to study history.
This looked exactly like the Garibaldi in my history book.
Please tell me where I was!
A very interesting clock
I really don’t remember where this was even though I have written down the names of the places that I visited.
This is a dragon eating a baby. 🙁
It looked beautiful!
Brandenburg Gate! Nah! I was in Italy. I don’t know what this is called.

As we continued to walk, my Italian friend bumped into his English teacher. He told me when we were in Seychelles that he wanted to learn English after he met me. And he did! After he went back to Italy, he found an English teacher.

Let’s take a closer look at the carving.
In the metro – quite a pretty metro station
My Italian friend pretending to be a dinosaur. LOL!
I think this is the museum with the staff giving out free tickets. This is the museum with bones of dinosaurs. Natural history museum – I think that’s the name of it.

This ended my trip in Milan.

Next stop? Guess which city? 🙂

14-15 March, 2022

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