Rainy Day In Lago di Como

It had been raining all day. Bought the ticket to Lago di Como so I went there early in the morning. But it was raining so hard and it was so cold that I decided not to stay there.

I went to the Duomo there and attended the mass. That was all. The lake and the boats reminded me of Eden Island in Seychelles and the mountains around the lake reminded me of Queenstown in New Zealand (I will write about it later). I didn’t really have the mood to take any pictures because of the heavy rain. Sad face. 🙁

A building I saw after I got off the train at Lago di Como. It looked quite pretty to me.
How come I can’t see the rain in this photo? It was so heavy that I had to stay ‘undercover’ to take this photo. 😛 You can see the cover above me in this photo.
The churches in Europe are so beautiful!
The altar in the church
The interior of the church
One of the many beautiful Teppich hanging in the church
Another beautiful Teppich. Sehr schoen!
The exterior of the church. ‘Tempo Medio A Mezzodi Vero’ – that’s what it says on the wall. Google translate says it means, ‘Average time to half of true’. If you can get it, that’s good. 🙂
See the fog? The weather was that bad that day.
I think this is the bookshop I visited.
The bookshop was inside a building that was built in the 5th(?) century.

I went into the bookshop to have a look. I had nothing to do anyway and the weather was terrible. The structure of the old building could still be seen in the bookshop. It was amazing. When I write about it now, I still remember the stairs and the walls. But I don’t know if I can rely on my memory. After all, it was seven years ago.

The weather wasn’t getting any better so I decided to go back to Milan to visit a few churches recommended by the staff of the terrible hostel that I stayed at after I had lunch at a cafe right beside the bookshop.

I window shopped at the galleria. Of course, I couldn’t buy anything there. Backpackers spend money on experiences rather than famous brands. OK, I have to admit, my backpacks, hiking boots and jackets are famous brands in the ‘backpacking field’. So, if you are into hiking or backpacking, you will know the brands I wear. 😛

The interior of a church I visited.
My neck ached again. The ceiling of the church was so beautiful!
San Bernardino alle Ossa. This church reminded me of Sedlec Ossuary I visited in Prague but this one was much smaller. There was no place to bury these people so their skeletons became part of the church.

I visited San Satiro after San Bernardino alle Ossa but it was closing so I didn’t get to see the church much. Oh, well. After that, I walked along Via Torina and did some window shopping again. So, that was the end of my trip in Milan.

Next stop?

Check it out next week. 🙂

16 March, 2015

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