One Of The Seven Natural Wonders Of The World – Masai Mara, Kenya

When you are in Africa, you have to go to their national parks to see the wildlife (or let the wildlife see you). This is a must-do in Africa. The lay missionary was so kind to have arranged a tour for us. She definitely knew where to find cheap deals. We were all very excited because it’d be our first time. We didn’t know what to expect actually. Some national geographic scenes, maybe? The Lion King? 😛

Masai Mara! One of the seven natural wonders of the world happens here! The Great Migration!

There we went!

This blog is going to be full of pictures. Enjoy! 😊

Our first stop, the Great Rift Valley
The Great Rift Valley spans from Israel to Mozambique
We began to see wildlife. This was an antelope. Its eyes were so beautiful!
I am not a big fan of elephants but here you go. I heard they have emotions too. They feel sad when they see another elephant die.
Zebras were everywhere. Their prints on their bodies are like fingerprints. Everyone has a unique print. They were food for other animals.
I was like a lion lurking in the bush.
The tour guide said, ‘Look! Hush! Can you see a lioness?’
‘Oh my goodness! Here’s another one! A lion! They were hiding.’
‘Did you wake me up? I was sleeping. What are you, you big thing with four wheels?’ I wonder how the domestic cats will react when they see the lions.
This was how close we were to them… scary… we were all dead quiet.

Apart from us, there were many other vehicles around us. Despite the number, we were all very quiet. It’s like we were all invisible.

Lions are scary but according to our tour guide, if they are not hunting or looking for food, they are just like any other animals. Of course, we won’t say that they are tamed but yeah, they will just sit under a tree and relax. We indeed saw a few more lions like that in Nakuru National Park the following day. But the question is how do we know they are not hungry? Er… so stay away from them, be quiet and stay in the vehicle.

There were so many wildebeests in the national park. For them, we were just another kind of creature.
You look so fake, giraffe! LOL!
A family?
Wait, can you see two birds on the back of the giraffe? So cute!!
Hello wildebeest! Thanks for looking right into my camera! You have a goatee! 😊
What a scene!

Before we went there, we didn’t expect to see the migration because we were told it wasn’t the right season. And then…

We saw this!

The wildebeests worked so well. There was a leader showing them the way. After most of them were on the other side of the river, the leader went back to help those who had difficulties in crossing the river, especially the young ones. When they crossed the river, they also made some noise that sounded like ‘ngo, ngo, ngo’ it was so interesting. Even our tour guide was mesmerized.

It was spectacular!
Some hippos were in the same river waiting for a chance to grab their food. I like elephants more now.
And crocodiles too!!! Scary!!
The tour guide prepared lunch for us. I asked him, ‘is it safe for us to eat here? We are in the wild animals’ territory…’ He said, ‘yes, we are safe.’

We had our lunch safely. Nothing much happened. The place where we had lunch was full of zebras and wildebeests. They lived so harmoniously. In fact, it seemed, in this national park, all animals lived harmoniously during the day. When night fell, it’d be another story.

This looks so Africa.
Monkey. It reminds me of The Lion King.
Huge birds on tree top. Vultures?
It was indeed very hard to spot the leopard.
The leopard was eating its scrumptious meal – a wildebeest. We are like this too when we eat chicken, pork, or beef. I have turned into a semi-vegetarian…
Morning in Masai Mara
The lioness had just finished its meal. Can you see the blood around its mouth? Scary…
Another leopard eating a wildebeest…Can you see it licking the dead body? Horrifying.
Another one wanted to climb up to share the meal.
Still eating…
These animals survived the night.

Morning is the time when you see these animals eat their meals. They hunt at night… scary.

Are we lucky to be humans? Well, I guess we have other things to think about other than filling our tummies. We create all the things to bother ourselves. These animals don’t. For them, it’s about living, dying, taking up territories, following the tribe’s rules and the rules in nature. As for humans, we create an additional thing called ‘belief’ which is supposed to eliminate troubles but that by itself causes many troubles. As long as we have one human being, we have at least one set of belief in this world. Now that we have so many billions of humans in this world, we have probably trillion sets of belief which I think is fine as long as we don’t force another person to believe in what we believe in. However, in reality, it is not the case because humans like to have ‘allies’. They don’t want to be isolated. Once they are left alone, they feel lonely. When they feel lonely, they look for other humans. When they find them, they force them to believe in the same things as they do. It’s a circle (note, I didn’t use the word ‘vicious’). And then, they will say, ‘together, we can achieve more.’ What is it that they want to achieve? I am not saying it’s good or bad. I think it’s up to each individual to decide.

We’d go to Nakuru National Park after Masai Mara the next day. Stay tuned. 🙂

8 – 10 August 2011

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