The Amazing Nakuru National Park Kenya 2011

After the Maasai Mara trip yesterday, the local tour drove us to another famous national park in Kenya, Nakuru National Park. It seems this Park is smaller than Maasai Mara and yet, it was still amazing!

It is near a lake so the wildlife we saw was slightly different – we could see birds that I believe don’t inhabit in Maasai Mara.

We went to Nakuru National Park in the morning. When our vehicle arrived at the entrance, the tour guide told us to stay inside the car while he got the entrance tickets for all of us. He locked all the doors and opened the windows before he left. We patiently waited in the car… until…

Out of nowhere, this monkey suddenly jumped to our vehicle and sat on the rear-view mirror.

The monkey looked as if it wanted to get into the car and share a seat with us. We had never been so close to the wild animals before. We didn’t know what to do. Some of us screamed. We tried to get out of the car but it was locked! The monkey was still looking at us. It was probably just curious but we didn’t want to place a bet. After all, it was not tamed and we shouldn’t do anything to any untamed animals. That’s common sense. We watched intently at whatever move it made. We and the monkey stared at each other for I don’t remember how long and then luckily, it jumped off the rear-view mirror (when it jumped, we screamed too cos we didn’t know what it was trying to do) and landed on the ground. The monkey and all of us were safe.

The driver and the tour guide came back. It was like those old corny movies where the protagonists had finished everything before the police appeared. The driver and the tour guide basically knew nothing about the monkey. Did we tell them? I don’t remember. Perhaps we did but I doubt they’d react like the way we did anyway.

The driver drove us to the lake first to see the flamingos and some other birds. You will see many photos of the birds below. Enjoy 😊

Pelicans. There were so many of them.
Some more. I like how the lights reflected on the water.
Yeah! Birds in action!
This is what I called ‘so many of them’.
The flying birds looked like the letter ‘m’.
Can you see the flamingos behind the pelicans?
Flamingos eat the food in salt or alkaline lakes. I learned this when I was travelling in Galapagos in South America which I will write later. See? You can learn so much when you travel. Learn x Travel! 😊
Yeah! All the ‘m’s were flying!
Look at their reflections! The water was so still.
The flying birds might have created a breeze which disturbed the still water.
So spectacular!
On the other side of the lake, the vultures were patiently waiting for their prey. Or maybe they were just scavengers waiting for their food. 
The flamingos were dancing the flamingo. 😊
They look like jets… no, it should be the other way round – the jets look like them.
Wow! A flock of them
Look at these vulnerable vegetarians!
You are so handsome!!!!!
Aerial view. There were so many of them at the lake!
A huge lake
Further away from the lake was a bush or a forest.
Synchronized swimming! Well, not that synchronized here. 😛
This looks like some water colour painting.
‘Oh, don’t tail us! I know we have long and beautiful tails.’ 😛
Yum yum!
‘Hm… what are you looking at?’
Oh! Look at this cute baby!
Wow! This bird looked so fake. What kind of bird is it by the way?
Hush! It’s the lion king again. It had quite a few scars on his face.
Got you! Look at your satisfying smile! 😊 You don’t look that scary now. 😛
Here’s another one. This one looked older than the previous one we saw. It also had more flies on its body than the other one too. I hope it wasn’t dying. It’s sad to see any animals die, regardless of what they are.

The safari journey ended here but the animals’ and our journeys hadn’t ended yet. They’d continue to live in the grassland and do whatever they had been doing there and we’d continue with our lives just as we had had. Our visit didn’t change much of their lives. I think that’s the idea of co-existence. Humans have been interfering with the wildlife and natural environment too much. Just last night, I was thinking what if we had never built any concrete buildings? What if we continued to live in the caves? Would there be enough caves for humans? Then the overpopulation problem came into my mind…

Wait, did our visits really change nothing to the animals?

I don’t know.

I hope not.

Back then when I was in the tour and now when I write this journal, the scenes from the poem ‘Mountain Lion’ (by D.H. Lawrence) kept lingering in my mind…

11 August 2011

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3 thoughts on “The Amazing Nakuru National Park Kenya 2011

  1. Wonderful photos!
    I’m glad, that no animals and people got harmed on your excursion 😉

    Oh, and I don’t see any more bra ads on this site as I did before – this time it was camera equipment 😉

    1. 🤣 I’m happy that both the animals and we were not harmed too.

      It’s good to know you don’t need to look at the bra ads anymore. 🤣 I am seeing Lenovo and Asia Miles on my site occasionally.

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