The Photogenic Cesky Krumlov

An intern in my office knew that I was travelling to Czech Republic so she shared her travel experience with me, ‘you have to go to Cesky Krumlov. It’s beautiful! That’s also where most of the photos of Czech Republic are taken.’ Hence, it was on my agenda. I was too busy at work before the trip so instead of planning everything, I decided to just book a local tour that included everything.

There I was. I mean, we were. See? I told you. I was like a tour guide taking them around. It is good to just join a local tour when you are travelling with other people especially when the people you are travelling with are inexperienced backpackers / travellers – they can’t blame you if the arrangements are poor. So, there you go. Fortunately, there was nothing to complain about. The local tour was great.

The tour took us to this place first.
As we walked uphill, the typical Czech Republic scene appeared before us. You know, those ones on postcards.
The view from the top
Doesn’t it look familiar? Yeah, many postcards have this shot.
How about this shot?
And this one?
This is so Czech Republic. Yes, if you want to take a typical shots of Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov is the place to go.
Look at the river. Is it a dam?
Interesting building
They are not bricks. They are just paintings.
What a beautiful day! But this photo was a bit blur. I wonder why.
I was just enjoying myself taking photos. Cesky Krumlov is indeed very photogenic. No wonder photographers love to take photos here for their postcards.
Another building with the same painting style.
I like the shape of the trees and their branches. Imagine you saw this at night, how would you feel? Creepy? 😜
This is… I forget who this is but if you have any idea, write it in the ‘reply’ space below. 😊
This photo looks like some painting done by kids. They like to draw a fence and then some houses and a hill on the other side of the fence. Where is the grass on the other side? Is it greener than the one on our side? 😜
I always like taking photos of windows and their shadows, like those ones I took in Iran.
A little souvenir shop. It looks quite pretty.
This building was also carved out of stone. I said also because previously, I saw another one in Austria. This was so common in the past, whether it was in Asia or Europe. So, it may not have anything to do with culture. It may just have something to do with practicality.
It always hurts me when I see the face of Jesus like this.
The tour included lunch in this place.
Wow! Look at the horno!

‘Horno’ was the first word that popped up in my mind. I had to check if it was Spanish or German as I always mix the two up. I know the two are two very different languages but if you have learnt more than two languages, you will know even if they are very different, it’s easy to mix them up. Ok. It’s a Spanish word. I have once said something in German and then all of a sudden said ‘pero’. The Austrian guy laughed but he understood what I said because he also knows Spanish.

We left.

It was an interesting experience. I also find that people in Czech still tend to talk to male than female. Even if the acquaintance I travelled with looked skinny and short and I looked stronger and taller than he, Czech people still tended to start a conversation with him first. When my friend and I joined the conversations and apparently, we were more knowledgeable about the topic, they still, most of the time, kept their eye contact with the guy, unless I started to utter a few words in Deutsch. It appears that in some countries, the status of women is still lower than that of men and men still think they are superior to women. In fact, my acquaintance who is an Asian thinks that way too but because he was travelling with two females, he hid it quite well and only showed it when he started a conversation with some guys in a store… read on.

Returned to Prague
I took the two to Charles Bridge to see the sunset. (I was a tour guide again…)
What a nice silhouette!
The famous astronomical clock in Prague
The famous glass building in Prague, the Dancing House.
Another angle of this building
The surrounding near the Dancing House.
This was what the trams in Prague 2012 looked like.
The famous street food Trdelnik. How can you pronounce it?
Things sold at Easter market in Prague. I want one of these!!!! Well, I didn’t want to break it so I didn’t buy it. I still had Hungary on my itinerary.
The witches looked so funny. They looked so wicked too. 😄

There were various kinds of puppets. We saw a team of Argentinian football (soccer) players in the store. I took the Messi puppet and played with it. While I was playing with it, I talked to myself, ‘kick the ball with your left foot.’ The shopkeeper was smiling. I smiled back. My acquaintance was selecting a puppet for his friends. When he heard me saying that, he asked, ‘how do you know that Messi used his left foot?’ I didn’t reply to him. Instead, I continued to play with the puppet and said, ‘see? He’s using his left foot here.’ He then shook his head and said, ‘girls don’t know anything about football.’ as he said that, he turned to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper smiled and agreed. I put down the puppet. They continued to say something bad about women and how ignorant women were when it came to football etc. They stopped their discussion when my acquaintance bought some puppets.

And I?

I lost my interest in any of the things in the shop when they started that conversation.

I shouldn’t have let that acquaintance to tag along again when I travelled to Kazakhstan in 2013. His ego together with his sense of superiority grew even more than that in 2012.

Only Nikon cameras can capture the details so clearly. 😊
Wow! We were so lucky! There was a performance in the square close to the famous clock tower. I should go there again, this time by myself or with some experienced travellers.
Look at all these clocks!
This was so touristy! LOL! We had dinner here, then an overnight train to Hungary.
I found it! I found it! Did I get a prize for finding this Easter egg?
Ready? Go! 😊

3 – 4 April 2012

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