Nagarkot Nepal 2010

Good morning, the Himalayas!

I had a much better sleep this time in Nagarkot than my night in Tibet back in 2005. I didn’t need to use any oxygen or drink anything to help me acclimatize. This place is much lower than Ronghbuk Monastery, which is the highest monastery in the world. If you are interested to know how I battled with the high altitude in Tibet and how grateful I was after going through that night, feel free to check it out here.

The Himalayas in the morning. My lodging was apparently behind another guesthouse. I had checked that one but it was full, anyway. I had a good spot too.
The three peaks
No, I never got tired of the mountains.
Can you see the ‘smoke’ coming out of one of the peaks of the mountain? That was like what I saw in Tibet.
The peak of the mountain on the Nepal side. It was as clear as the one I saw in Tibet but unlike the time when I was in Tibet, I was very far away from the mountain this time. Look at the golden colour! It was very cold though.
The sun had risen and the colour of the mountain had changed.
The tour guide and I saw the two peaks of the mountains very clearly! Both of us looked at them in awe!
The colour of the snow on the mountain top had changed its colour to pure white.

After witnessing the sunrise, I was taken to Kathmandu again as I needed to get ready for my flight to Bhutan tomorrow. However, before we said goodbye to Nepal, there were a few places that I needed to see first.

The locals
A carving found on a pillar. He looked like the Buddha.
This was apparently a Hindu god. I remember seeing all these carvings in Angkor Wat.
The tour guide took me up to a tower and then this guy appeared. He invited us to go to his factory to see how he made paper and printed books.
The guy showed us around his factory.
This again reminded me of Angkor Wat.

As we walked past a palace, I heard some kids reading. I asked the tour guide if there was a school there. He said, ‘yes, it’s in that building’ and then pointed at the old palace. Really? Inside the palace? ‘Can I go there and have a look?’ He said, ‘it’s just a school.’ ‘but isn’t it interesting to have a school inside an old palace?’ Apparently, he didn’t think so. He said he’d wait for me downstairs while I explored the school.

The classroom occupied the ‘corridor’ or ‘balcony’ of the palace. Actually, I didn’t see any ‘rooms’ at all. These were the students.

The teacher greeted me but she was quite shocked to see me. The students were curious about this stranger. I stayed there for a while only. The students seemed to be quite attentive and were very willing to learn. I guess I’d go to Nepal again and check out those schools up on the mountains instead. 😊

Little Tibet. A must-see place in Nepal. This photo was exhibited in my second solo photo exhibition.

It’s actually quite interesting. All the tourists come to Nepal and make a stop in little Tibet.

Another photo at Little Tibet

That’s all for today. Ready to go to Bhutan. 😊

3 November 2010

P.S. The tour guide I had in Nepal was very knowledgeable. He is a Hindu but he knows a lot about Buddhism too. That actually helped me tremendously when I travelled around Bhutan.

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