Day 7 Of Our Pilgrimage In Israel

Most of our luggage became very heavy after shopping for souvenirs last night. But who cared? We didn’t need to carry them around as we continued our pilgrimage. 😛 (and actually, mine didn’t gain much weight. I have a feeling that I have that ‘stingy backpacker’s look’.  Even the vendors don’t usually target me. 😅)

Our first stop today was Church of Bethlehem Nativity.

Church of Bethlehem Nativity where Jesus was born
The mosaic floor in the church
In the chapel in the caves beneath the Church of Bethlehem Nativity. This site used to be the study of Saint Jerome.

Just a side story: I invited my group mates from this pilgrimage trip to my second solo photo exhibition. When one of them saw the above photo (the cross), she froze. I said, ‘you were there too! In fact, you were standing right next to me when I took this photo.’ She is also a photography enthusiast. Then she said, ‘but your photo has so much feeling in it.’ I just checked. It took me 4 minutes to find the right spot to take this photo. Each photo I put in my exhibition comes with my effort and heart. I’m glad someone appreciates my works. 😊

Saint Jerome, Doctor of the Church. This was the study of Saint Jerome and his tomb now. More about Saint Jerome:
The Latin words mean ‘Once a place of Jerome Presbyterian and Doctors’
Inside the church
The map of the site showing Basilica of the Nativity, Bethlehem and Milk Grotto of Virgin Mary. The latter was our next stop.
Entrance of Milk Grotto
A beautiful painting
The place where Jesus was born
One of the paintings inside Shepherds’ Field Chapel
Shepherds’ Field Chapel (Gloria in excelsis deo)
Birth place of Virgin Mary. Details of the site:
Will you be this disciple?
Via Dolorosa. The Way of the Cross. At 8th station, Jesus met the women of Jerusalem

We were given the scriptures at the beginning of this pilgrimage and we read them while we followed The Way of the Cross.

Each station is hidden behind or beside some vendors who sell postcards and other souvenirs.

You make my heart ache.
We arrived at Church of the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus died. This mosaic was hung opposite to the Stone of Anointing on which Jesus’ body was anointed before he was buried.

We travelled back to our lodging with heavy hearts that night.

29 July 2009

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