Pilgrimage To Israel, Palestine And Jordan Day 4

Even though we didn’t stay in the 5-star grand hotel that we went in by mistake yesterday (thanks to our guide), we stayed in a pretty nice hotel nearby. Our room had a balcony. When we went out to our balcony, we could say hi to our neighbours staying in the rooms next to ours. They were actually our group mates. We could still chat after dark.

Speaking of chats, I chatted with the inexperienced tour guide to see if he knew the author. Surprisingly, he was even more surprised than I was. He said with his sparkling eyes, thrilled, ‘you know her?! Really?! She has a shop in Petra. When we go there, I can take you to her shop.’  That’s exactly what I remembered – the shop in Petra. So, he knew what he was talking about (you will know as you follow my story).

View from our hotel room
We were at sea level. It’s interesting. I was a few thousand metres above sea level just a few years earlier. We would visit Dead Sea later.  
A church at Jordan River on Jordan’s side
Across the River. It looked so different from the other side. There wasn’t any place for baptism. Maybe that’s what they were building. Maybe there is now.
Jesus was baptised.
This is what it says on the stone, ‘The Chapels of the Jordan River’

This is what it says on the stone, ‘The Chapels of the Jordan River’, ‘The chapels built on the eastern side of the river during the Byzantine period (5th-6th centuries A.D.) include three churches built over each other, and decorated with coloured mosaic and marble flooring. A marble staircase links the three churches with “John the Baptist Spring” at the spot where it flows into River Jordan. A stone footing hosting a marble column with a metal cross on top is thought to be the actual baptism site of Jesus Christ according to different historians and travellers.  A small chapel and remnants of a stone arch near the river were built over the spot where Jesus Christ supposedly unrobed before entering the water to be baptized by John.’

What the site could look like in the past.

We arrived at Mount Nebo. That’s where Moses died after he saw the promised land. He was also buried there.

Mount Nebo
Mount Nebo
Greek and Palestino-Aramaic Inscriptions
We had our Mass here.
Mount Nebo
The mosaic floor inside the church
Greek Orthodox church in Madaba
Inside the Orthodox church
Mosaic floor inside the Orthodox church
Inside the church
Inside the church
Sunset in Jordan. One never gets tired of sunsets. This is the gift that Mother Nature gives us. Another precious gift is, we can see it.

26 July 2009


For this trip, I didn’t write a detailed journal because everyday was too rush for me and at night, I talked to my roommate. But thanks for the internet. It helps me recall some details. I used this one this time:


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