Feeling Grateful

The English Club started running since October this year. First, we welcomed the year 1 students. After the academic year officially commenced, we started to include students from other years of study. For the past two weeks, the number of attendees fluctuated especially for year 4 students. The Club organised activities every day according to the years of study. But when only 2 students from year 4 showed up on Thursday, we decided to change our plan. We welcomed all students every day from Monday to Thursday regardless of their year of study. After this announcement was made, some of the year 1 students came every day last week. I feel soooooo grateful!!

Another important thing is we started our movie day! Yeah! It was something that I wanted to do when I was in the village. I could only do it once though because the group was much smaller. When one person didn’t want to come, the others followed. In the college, students are more independent. Some came alone which I really appreciated. I of course select movies that I want to see. 😜

Students watching Small Foot
Guess what movie the students are watching? 😉

There’s no free lunch though. Every time after we finish the movie, I ask the students about the movie and what they have learnt. I even ask them to analyse the story because some of the students study English literature, and analytical skill is crucial. (Yes, I used to teach English literature too. My private student improved so much that her dad wanted me to continue to teach her but I couldn’t because I had to leave the country. I wish I could continue too cos I really like that student.)

Another thing I’m thankful for is one of the staff joined us in the movie session and she loved the movies I selected so far. 😊

All of them enjoyed the movie and welcomed the idea of ‘movie day’. 😊 And of course, we will continue every week until I leave. 😉

December has come. The weather has changed apparently. Previously, it was 33C, 35C or even 38C but it is now 26C and sometimes below that. This is the best season to come to Cambodia. Cool (or warm for some people), breezy and dry!!!!!! Lovely. 😊

Guess what these people are selling in the streets? Cocktails!!!! They all have a bartender!

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