Learn x Travel is dedicated to promoting cultural exchange around the world. We firmly believe that the power of cultural exchange will make a positive impact in our globalised world. Our first project will start from a remote village in Cambodia.  We will link the younger generations in the remote villages to people in other parts of the world online.  Through this interaction, we aim to broaden the horizons of the younger generations from both sides and create friendships between them. 

We accept participants from anywhere in the world, whether you are an individual, an organisation or a school, as long as you share the same vision with us.  We will match your organisation or school with another one in another part of the world. However, to protect our children, if you are an individual participant, we will assess your application before we grant permission to you to meet the children.

Learn x Travel also provides online language tutorials. Currently, we provide English, Mandarin and Cantonese oral training.

A percentage of our net profit from the fee we collect from our participants and / or students will be used to establish a scholarship for the children in poor villages.

We do NOT accept donations as we are not a charity.

If you are interested in our cultural exchange project and / or our online language tutorials, please feel free to contact us at learnxtravel@gmail.com.