I am an avid traveller. I am also an online TESOL* (and other languages) tutor with 12 years of teaching experience. I specialize in International Phonetic Alphabet (Daniel Jones). Currently, I am helping students with learning disabilities and dyslexia to read.

My current initiative is to help children living in poor villages. A percentage of my net profit from my tutorials will be contributed to the Learn x Travel scholarship for these children.

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*TESOL means Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

i really want to say thank you to you. i went to a science event with my daughter. after the event, i had a pleasant conversation with the teacher who is from Canada. the point is, i may not speak well, but i can respond instinctively without translation. That’s all because we had our lessons before… when do you think we can start our lessons again?

L. Sun, Taiwan

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Xinjiang, Xinjiang 2011

Xinjiang has been in the news for months in 2021 for whatever reason. I don’t want to mention it in my blog. The ‘issue’ will soon become history and we will know the truth in the future. Just a couple of weeks before I wrote this blog, I found this photo on LinkedIn: This is … Continue reading Xinjiang, Xinjiang 2011

The Spectacular Terracotta Warriors, Xian, 2011

I had always wanted to see the Terracotta Warriors in person so in 2011, I finally decided to go to Xian to see them. The intact figures and the large scale of the army fascinated me. Also, there were rumours that they were real human beings… Nah! It was proved to be wrong. Some novelists … Continue reading The Spectacular Terracotta Warriors, Xian, 2011

Punakha And Paro Bhutan

After talking to the King yesterday, which was the highlight of my journey in Bhutan so far, I headed to the gorgeous Punakha and the amazingly stunning Tiger’s Nest in Paro on my last few days in Bhutan. Before we reached Dzong of Punakha, we went to the temple of fertility. In that same town, … Continue reading Punakha And Paro Bhutan

I Talked To The King Of Bhutan In 2010

Early in the morning, I woke up and found this red curtain with the shadows of the window frames. It looked very artistic so I took a photo of it. The tour guide told me the people who served me breakfast were actually the descendants of the royal family so I took photos with them … Continue reading I Talked To The King Of Bhutan In 2010

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